Happy Fighting New Year

Happy New Year and thanks for all your support through 2017. It was our biggest year of activity so far and no doubt our movement will continue to grow in 2018.

(cartoon by Cathy Wilcox for SMH)

Here's a blow-by-blow account of the significant events of 2017 that have contributed to exposing westCONnex as the toxic scam that it truly is.

2017 Wrap up - a year of intense struggle against the westCONnex toll road scam


  • Breakfast Before Bulldozers protest at Sydney Park receives primetime coverage, Jenny Leong MP, Mehreen Faruqi MP, Clr Linda Scott attend
  • Elderly residents shoved to ground and several arrests by police at Sydney Park as 500 trees start to get the chop
  • Maritime Union of Australia joins Sydney Park protests
  • More arrests at 'Pots & Pans' protest on Campbell St, St Peters
  • Anthony Albanese, David Shoebridge visit Save Sydney Park camp
  • 3 simultaneous WCX protests in Arncliffe, St Peters & Leichhardt
  • Premier Mike Baird resigns, Gladys Berejiklian replaces him
  • Contractors attempt to fence off St Peters home in preparation for demolition twice by mistake
  • Rave Against the Berejiklian Machine protest party in Sydney Park
  • Gladys announces Duncan Gay to be relieved of roads ministry
  • Stuart Ayres announced as Minister for WCX


  • MUA holds free BBQ at Save Sydney Park camp
  • WCX trucks found with illegally tampered speed limiters, WCX worker's legs crushed in accident
  • No WestCONnex reveals leaked plans for Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches toll roads, confirmed several weeks later by the Premier
  • Damning federal audit of WCX released, followed by snap protest at NSW parliament
  • Drill pickets in Leichhardt and Rozelle
  • Dangerous asbestos handling in St Peters
  • Report reveals former Liberal leader Kerry Chikarovski lobbied for private lease extension at Darley Rd Leichhardt, that became Dan Murphy site soon to be demolished and requiring $50M compensation
  • Mike Baird takes job at NAB


  • Continued WCX truck safety breaches found in police blitz
  • NRAW public meeting with independent engineers
  • WCX comes under fire for sporting sponsorships
  • Part of Wolli Creek ruled out as WCX construction dive site
  • Camperdown protests
  • Civilising WCX exhibition at UNSW demonstrates how WCX tunnels can be repurposed for train line
  • Barnett loses WA election, Mark McGowan wins on anti-Roe8, pro-public transport policies
  • Gladys misleads public over light rail cost blowout
  • March in March protest with large No WCX contingent
  • Leichhardt High tunneling mid point dive site ruled out by SMC


  • Protest against Leichardt dive sites
  • CRAW meeting with UNSW Prof James Weirick who condemns WCX
  • NSW tolls inquiry hearings
  • Grand Theft WestCONnex rally at NSW parliament
  • Ayres accused of conflict of interest over GWS Giants WCX sponsorship after receiving hospitalilty
  • Stop WestCONnex fundraiser in Newtown with Elizabeth Farrelly
  • Leaked cabinet memo shows NSW government pushing toll roads by deliberately ignoring public transport options
  • 10000 potential jobs lost as Google pulls out of Bays precinct due to lack of public transport
  • City of Sydney reveals total cost of WCX including extensions to be $45B
  • WCX CEO Dennis Cliche pulls out of tolls inquiry, petition launched to force him to appear
  • Protests on Euston Rd against 7 lane road widening, Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Clr Jess Miller join


  • Cliche forced to appear at tolls inquiry, reveals $1M salary
  • Protests at Sydney Park as more trees felled
  • CRAW public meeting with Prof Paul Torzillo speaking about traffic air pollution risks
  • ABC RN investigation into WCX - experts question whether WCX will solve the problem it's supposed to fix
  • WCX Stage 3 design released
  • Sensitive Receivers - Rejecting WCX art exhibition Rozelle
  • FOIs by LAW reveal government pretending they were still considering the Leichhardt High site when they had already decided to use future Dan Murphy's site
  • 10000 signatures collected against M4 toll
  • Andrew Constance announces privatisation of Inner West buses
  • Rally at Balmain Town Hall against RMS spin session
  • Bushwackers bushdance fundraiser for stop WCX campaign


  • Rally at Stuart Ayres office in Penrith demands no new tolls, trains not tolls
  • 300 at Balmain Town Hall meeting on Western Harbour tunnel, followed by rally in Birchgrove
  • RTBU 24hr strike and fare free day on buses
  • U-turn on Euston Road widening plans breach basic safety standards
  • Coalition Against WCX forms and writes letter to Luke Foley seeking clarification following Daily Telegraph story on ALP commitment to complete all 3 stages of WCX
  • SMH reports huge patronage growth of Inner West Light Rail
  • F6 extension plans reveal either 60 hectares of Royal National Park or 460 homes to be destroyed, $10B cheaper plan could get Gong to Sydney rail trip time down to 1 hour
  • Ayres shuts down parliamentary debate on tolls
  • Foul stench at St Peters impact health and keep school kids indoors
  • Snap protest at National Infrastructure Summit with Cliche, Lucy Turnbull and Transurban
  • WCX fined for polluting Cooks River
  • Disconnex Reframing Resistance exhibition


  • Community meeting in Kogarah against F6
  • 100 trees chopped in Mascot for WCX
  • Leaked cabinet docs reveal $1B compensation claims from WCX contractors
  • F6 costed at $18B
  • Stop WCX volunteers help Don't Sell Our Buses petition day, 10000 signatures collected
  • Reports that Sydney will become toll road capital of the world by 2023
  • Constance questions wisdom of building motorways on ABC radio
  • Widened WCX M4 opens, business case shows 1 min time saving
  • Western Harbour tunnel/Beaches link toll roads cost of $14B revealed
  • Angry, packed public meetings on north shore re new toll roads
  • Education MP Stokes says 'no way in hell' northern beaches toll road exhaust stacks near schools
  • Parramatta Rd light rail plans scrapped
  • Community unites for Stop WCX Lantern Procession
  • Govt spends $13M on advertising to promote transport plans
  • Council amalgamations scrapped
  • Protest at NSW ALP conference demands 'tear up the WCX contracts'


  • Media event at Rozelle Public School protesting Stage 3 concept design
  • EPA fines WCX for offensive odours at St Peters. Environment MP Upton refuses to stop work citing State Significant Infrastructure
  • Ongoing court hearings for protesters arrested at WCX protests
  • Transurban toll road operator profits jump 850%
  • LAW & Annandale drill pickets, meetings
  • Meet the candidates forums for IWC elections
  • 60K copies of RAW's Bottleneck newspaper start delivery across inner west
  • $4.56 toll on M4 starts, traffic jam on Woodville Rd 4km in length
  • WCX removes Sydney Gateway from project, extra toll to be charged
  • Stage 3 EIS released, ignoring public comments on concept design, 60 days to respond to 7000 page 'indicative only' design
  • WCX activists speak at senate tolls inquiry in Canberra
  • Super divestment campaign starts
  • 2nd letter to Luke Foley after questions not answered, no response still as at Jan 2018
  • RMS starts ripping up dormant rail lines in Rozelle to make way for WCX
  • Gladys' hyprocrisy on exhaust stacks revealed from 2008 parliament speech


  • Police and ICAC investigate cabinet leaks on WCX and other major transport projects
  • Sydney Gateway cost blowout
  • M4 toll holiday cost taxpayers $15M
  • M5 SW tolls to be extended 40 years
  • IWC election - candidates expressing opposition to all 3 stages of WCX win 84% of vote
  • Protest at WCX Newtown spin session
  • People's EIS launched to assist submissions rejecting WCX Stage 3
  • Rally at Ayres' Penrith office demands no tolls no WCX
  • Gridlock western Sydney focused newspaper published
  • 1yr anniversary celebration of Save Sydney Park camp
  • Citizen Jane documentary screening fundraiser for No WestCONnex
  • Govt has difficulty getting offers to build Rozelle 'virtually unconstructible' interchange
  • Labor votes for Liberal pro-WCX deputy mayor in IWC, refuses to continue funds for No WCX organiser


  • 51% sale process starts, likely loss to NSW taxpayers estimated to be in the order of $10B
  • $100M stripped from NSW transport operations
  • Gladys referred to ICAC over decision to extend lease at WCX dive site at Darley Rd
  • Friends of Erskineville meeting, City of Sydney Chief Transport Advisor Terry Lee-Williams describes WCX EIS as '7500 page lie'
  • Big City of Sydney Fix WCX meeting
  • Don't Sell Our Buses debate in NSW parliament
  • Many street stalls collecting EIS submissions
  • 3rd Govt audit of WCX announced
  • 10000 EIS objections hand delivered to Planning Dept
  • Don't Mess With The West rally in Penrith
  • Tolls inquiry report handed down, Sydney paying some of the highest tolls on earth
  • Mehreen Faruqi pushes for motorway air pollution inquiry
  • Bushwackers WCX fundraiser
  • Productivity Commission's 5 year review critical of WCX


  • Residents suffering WCX night construction noise sent earplugs
  • Cliche describes M4 tolls as 'exciting', later apologises
  • Study shows local streets to get 300% traffic increases due to WCX
  • Planning for Fix NSW Transport Rally for Feb 2018 commences, uniting multiple campaigns across Sydney
  • $1B to be spent on widening roads from St Peters interchange to Moore Park
  • Cliche falsely claims NSW Chief Scientist praised exhaust stacks
  • New train timetable results in commuter anger across sydney
  • WCX contractor ARUP forced to pay $100M over deceptive traffic forecasts in QLD
  • Rego cashback scheme to fatten WCX to cost $550M
  • 5000 signatures on Open Letter delivered to parliament
  • IWC packed meetings on WCX Stage 3
  • 13000 submissions on WCX Stage 3 published, over 99% opposed
  • Stadiums rebuild raises further questions around govt waste and WCX road widening to Moore Park
  • WCX changes definition of tree to size of pencil


  • Cascading train delays due to new timetable
  • 150,000 sign petition against stadium rebuild
  • Australia's transport emissions reach new peak
  • WCX tries to acquire Annandale park for free
  • Kids Call to Action protest against WCX Stage 3 in Rozelle
  • Constance in spat with USYD Vice Chancellor over Redfern train cut
  • EPA rejects Stage 3 EIS
  • WCX protesters exonerated in court
  • Protesters occupy dept of planning calling for refusal of WCX Stage 3 EIS
  • Education MP Stokes laments small proportion of kids walking to school
  • NSW truck deaths increase 86% in a year

So as you can see, it's been a busy year. But we won't stop until WestCONnex is stopped. If you'd like to support our valuable work in 2018, we would appreciate any donation you can make. Our donation portal is here: 

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