About Westconnex

About Westconnex
The WestConnex motorway is the latest incarnation of the previously shelved M4 East and M5 expansions which the local community fought so hard to stop.

We must stop the WestConnex motorway from carving up our streets and harming our quality of life.

The Westconnex motorway will:

  • waste up to $20 billion on roads, when $10 billion could create enough public transport to meet all of Sydney’s needs for decades
  • increase traffic on local feeder roads
  • increase harmful air pollution and smoke stacks in suburbs
  • increase truck movements through the inner west to port botany
  • create havoc for years during construction
  • increase the tolls you pay
  • delay long overdue investment in better public transport
  • do nothing to reduce traffic congestion in the medium to long term