Blog: WestCONnex Action Group - King Street Action

Yesterday morning - Newtown residents informing locals on the impacts of #WestCONnex on Newtown and surrounding suburbs.  Organised by WestCONnex Action Group (WAG).  Continue reading

Blog: Rozelle Against WestCONnex - Action Update

About 40 Rozelle residents occupied the Victoria Rd footbridge while clad in white paper overalls and face masks, alongside a few white elephants and a packet of "westCONnex unfiltered" to send the message to the Berejiklian government that we won't tolerate their assault on our community's health and wellbeing. The action, organised by Rozelle Against WestCONnex (RAW), drew attention to the health impacts caused by this destructive motorway.  Continue reading

Blog: Defending Sydney Park - Day 19

  Friday 7 October 2016, was Day 19 of the Save Sydney Park blockade.  Hundreds of mature trees lining Euston Road and in Sydney Park are threatened with removal for the Baird Government's giant $17 billion tollroad project. After a standoff lasting 18 days, WestConnex finally gained planning approval for the removal of a small number of trees on either side of the point at which the Munni stormwater channel passes under Euston Road, St Peters. Amid wild scenes, blockaders were dragged away by a large force of police.The blockade continues.

Blog: Save Sydney Park Festival

On Saturday 1 October 2016 – day 13 of the Camp Frogmouth blockade of WestConnex work on Euston Road – the Save Sydney Park Festival brings Sydneysiders together to express their opposition to the removal of thousands of trees in Sydney Park and along Campbell Road, Euston Road and McEvoy Street and the resumption of parkland for the controversial $17 billion project. Continue reading

Cassi locks on

It's Thursday 8 September 2016, the second day of attempts to prevent contractors from clearing a remnant of "critically endangered" Cooks River-Castlereagh Ironbark Forest at Beverly Grove for the Baird Government's WestConnex tollway project. Continue reading

Blog: Lay down those chainsaws

A song against the WestCONnex toll road project by the Camp Frogmouth Ukulele Band, recorded at the Camp Frogmouth blockade camp, St Peter, Sydney, 9 October 2016.

Blog: Sydney Park to be trashed for WestConnex

A drive-by showing what's threatened along Campbell and Euston roads, Sydney Park.

Blog: On this spot once stood a sunlit grove

It's Friday 9 September 2016. At daybreak, after two days of relentless felling interrupted by repeated attempts by forest defenders to halt the destruction, virtually all of the remnant of "critically endangered" Cooks River-Castlereagh Ironbark Forest at Beverly Grove in Sydney's south-west has been cleared for the Baird Government's WestConnex toll road project.

Bulldozer Baird trashes endangered forest

On national Threatened Species Day 2016, Westconnex crews moved into the 1.8 ha remnant of "critically endangered" Cooks River Castlereagh Ironbark Forest at Beverly Grove in Sydney's south-west to clear-fell the forest for a vehicle park for the project.

WestConnex destroys endangered ironbark forest

The WestConnex tollway project is set to destroy most of one the very few remaining fragments of south-west Sydney's Cooks River-Castlereagh Ironbark forest which is classified as "critically endangered". 1.4 ha of the 1.8 ha forest is to be bulldozed for a temporary worksite for the project.