Media Release: Federal Budget’s tax breaks will be swallowed instantly by WestCONnex

NSW’s low and middle income earners were promised a miniscule tax break in last night's budget that would return up to $10.50 per week.

Given the federal government’s lack of infrastructure investment in NSW (a total of 1.5b for a ROAD to Western Sydney Airport - not a rail line, a ports freight line upgrade and a road bypass at Coffs Harbour) reinforces that the LNP both at a federal and state level are hell bent on forcing people onto roads rather than maintaining and building viable public transport options.


Spokesperson for No WestCONnex: Public Transport, Robert Manser said “This budget shows clearly that the Federal Government supports the white elephant project of the NSW State Berejiklian Government - forcing people onto roads that will not decrease congestion, will decimate suburbs throughout Sydney, deliver massive amounts of pollution into the inner west and make Western Sydney people foot the bill for 40 years on tolls - syphoned through to LNP donors, like Toll operator Transurban.”


With Toll increases massively impacting the people of Western Sydney, any small benefit of tax cuts will be instantly swallowed by these new tolls - not to be spent in the broader economy like the Treasurer was trying to sell last night.


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