Media Release: Gladys totally addicted to tolls with new F6 tunnel just a sly underground road into unpopular WestConnex

It seems not a week goes by now without the Berejiklian government trying to pass a swift one over the public when it comes to Sydney's transport needs, say community advocacy group No WestConnex: Public Transport (NoW: PT), after it was revealed the new F6 underground tunnel would be tolled and would double-dip motorists by forcing them to pay tolls on WestConnex too.

On Tuesday, the state government finally released plans for the four-kilometre F6 motorway extension. Costing $2.6 billion it will run from the M5 at Arncliffe to President Avenue in Kogarah. The cost will be initially $1.77 each way for cars, increasing to $4.55 as they are forced to continue along WestConnex. The nearest northbound exit being the St Peters WestConnex interchange.

The Labor Party, while criticising the government's announcement, have so far refused to say what their plans for the tunnel extension may be.

NoW: PT spokesperson, John Lozano, said:

“We are definitely in election mode. With a fearful and desperate Premier addicted to toll roads instead of proper investment in public transport."

"Gladys is looking to lock in as many contracts before the election next year - just in case. With some contracts running until 2060, NSW will be paying for decades. And as always, a solid business case is nowhere to be seen. This time they deliberately left out the upgrade of the Illawara train line as an option. Why? Because in a direct comparison to public transport - toll roads never stack up.”

"Labor needs to spell out their position on these contracts. The people of NSW want a clear option and choice. Luke Foley has come out against tolls but lacked substance on what he’ll actually do about it.”

The government claims the entire WestConnex project will cost $16.8 billion to construct but independent analysis suggests the project is likely to cost closer to $45 billion.

As well as an immediate halt to the government's planned privatisation auction of WestConnex, NoW: PT is calling for a full NSW parliamentary inquiry into the infrastructure project dubbed “Australia’s largest” but fast becoming the country’s biggest construction headache.


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