Media Release: Parliamentary inquiry the beginning of the end for WestCONnex

Community advocacy group No WestConnex: Public Transport (NoW: PT) greatly applauds news this week that a NSW parliamentary inquiry will be held at long last into the secrets surrounding the scandalous WestConnex toll road project.

The Public Accountability Committee will inquire into and report on the impact of WestConnex, including the adequacy of the business case for the 33km toll road network, and will also look into governance and ethical issues surrounding the secrecy-laden project which has seen Sydney residents literally forced out of their homes.

The inquiry will accept submissions until August 31, with the parliamentary committee to prepare its report by December 1.

NoW: PT spokesperson, Andrew Chuter, said:

"Premier Berejiklian needs to now immediately cancel her fire sale privatisation of WestConnex until this inquiry does its job, with the auction already under a serious regulatory cloud and no real bidders left."

"We call on all residents, transport users, community groups and everyone who has been affected by WestConnex to make sure their voice is clearly heard by those on Macquarie Street."

"WestConnex has uprooted people from their homes and has caused untold environmental damage but we now have a real chance to put a stop to it."

"We congratulate the Greens for their efforts in securing a parliamentary inquiry into this motorway monstrosity."

"We are also pleased to see Labor leader Luke Foley say he will lift the veil of secrets around WestConnex and other controversial infrastructure projects."

The government claims the entire WestConnex project will cost $16.8 billion to construct but independent analysis suggests the project is likely to cost closer to $45 billion.

As well as calling for an immediate halt to the government's planned privatisation auction of WestConnex, NoW: PT has been vocal for a number of years in calling for a full NSW parliamentary inquiry into the infrastructure project dubbed “Australia’s largest” but fast becoming the country’s biggest construction headache.

See the terms of reference for the NSW Parliament's WestConnex inquiry, here.


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