Media Release: Rozelle Rally April 14 2018


Tuesday April 10 2018

Rally to protest Berejiklian’s continued desolation of the Balmain peninsula.
Concerned residents will be gathering at King George Park in Rozelle to protest the planned desolation of the Balmain peninsula this Saturday.

The entire Balmain peninsula is under sustained attack from Berejiklian’s NSW Government. The Rozelle Interchange, the Iron Cove Tunnel and the Western Harbour Tunnel means the compulsory acquisition and demolition of homes and businesses, parks including Yuralbin and part of King George Park, as well as the Balmain Leagues Club.


The Western Harbour Tunnel will release highly toxic sediments including PCBs throughout the harbour and much of the foreshore will be acquired for drying of the sludge. The Dawn Fraser pool will become unsafe for swimming for years. The round the clock dredging of toxic sludge will rob Balmain and Rozelle residents of sleep as will the 24/7 operation of the proposed Concrete Batching Plant and a massive casting yard in White Bay for the WHT tunnel sections.

Subsidence due to tunnelling will cause structural damage to homes in Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Rozelle, Annandale, Balmain and Birchgrove. Heavy trucks and trailers operating continuously in local streets removing tunnel spoil will make sleep impossible.

And for what?


Zero benefit to Sydney motorists! 40 years of tolls punishing Western Sydney. A huge windfall for the multinational toll companies, while the Anzac Bridge is still gridlocked, Victoria Road and the Iron Cove Bridge at a standstill. Premature deaths due to the tons of imported cancer-causing diesel exhaust pumped into Rozelle from the four unfiltered stacks.


And to top it off? A $45 billion bill and counting! Money just poured down the drain!


Confirmed Speakers include:

- Mehreen Faruqi: Greens MLC NSW

- Jamie Parker: NSW Member for Balmain & Rozelle Resident

- Mary Court: Penrith Valley Community Unions

- Davie Macdonald: Convenor of STOP Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

- Pauline Lockie: WAG Co-founder & Inner West Council Councillor

- Christina Valentine: Law Leichhardt Against WestConnex

- John Lozano: Inner West Activist

Luke Foley and Darcy Byrne were both invited over 3 weeks ago but have advised that they are unable to attend both citing prior engagements


Plus entertainment, protest actions as well as food and drinks all whilst we take the message to the streets that the Berejiklian NSW Government is continuing it’s woeful track record of lack of transparency around major projects that are ripping the liveability out of Sydney.


Come along to King George Park in Rozelle.

From 1pm

Saturday 14th April.



12:55 pm:        Dennis Aubrey: (Dedicated Disgruntled Folkie)

1:10 pm:          Welcome to Country

1:15 pm:          Mehreen Faruqi: Greens MLC NSW

1:25 pm:          Pauline Lockie: WAG Co-founder & IWC Councillor

1:35 pm:          Peter Miller-Robinson: (Lifetime idealist & grumpy old singer songwriter)

1:50 pm:          Jamie Parker: NSW Member for Balmain & Rozelle Resident

2:00 pm:          Mary Court: Penrith Valley Community Unions

2:10 pm:          Mark Lucas: (Angst ridden troubadour & social justice junkie)

2:25 pm:          Christina Valentine: LAW Leichhardt Against WestCONnex

2:35 pm:          Davie Macdonald: Convenor Stop Western Harbour Tunnels & Beaches Link

2:45 pm:          Dennis Aubrey: (Second Set)

3:00 pm:          John Lozano: Inner West Activist

3:10 pm:          Peter Robinson Miller & Combo: ‘It’s Your Problem Gladys - Fix it’

3:20 pm:          March Leaves for Balmain Leagues Club

3:30 pm:          March Arrives at Balmain Leagues Club

3:30 pm:          Speaker’s interviews on camera

Rob Manser
Community Media Organiser
No WestCONnex: Public Transport
M: 0491094137
Building 1
Addison Road Community Centre