Media Release: 'Stop WestCONnex' protest at NSW Labor State Conference

Community advocacy group No WestConnex: Public Transport (NoW: PT) will be out in numbers this weekend at the NSW Labor state conference to urge the State Opposition to halt work on WestConnex, and instead work with residents and transport users to improve public transport options and reduce carbon emissions.

Those taking part in the protest on Saturday, June 30 will be easy to spot as they will be dressed in black and will be carrying striking black and yellow, face-sized cut outs featuring a graphic of a young girl in a gas mask. The protest to take place at Sydney Town Hall aims to highlight to the Labor Party the social and political toxicity surrounding WestConnex that will sadly affect generations to come if it is not stopped now.

The planned action at the Labor state conference comes a week after it was announced a NSW Parliamentary inquiry will be launched into the impacts of WestConnex, while Labor leader Luke Foley publicly committed the party into enacting a full judicial inquiry into WestConnex should it win the state election next year.

NoW: PT spokesperson, Andrew Chuter, said:

"We ask everyone who is concerned about WestConnex to join us in this peaceful protest outside the NSW Labor party state conference."

"We are calling on NSW Labor to halt work on WestConnex, initiate an evidence based approach to 'cleaning up the mess' and commit to a review of the re-engineering options for Stage 1 and Stage 2 to improve public transport and reduce emissions​. Labor must also keep the Sydney Motorway Corporation in public hands. There is a motion from the Labor Environment Action Network to this effect that we are calling for the conference to vote in support of. Elected Labor MPs, councillors, candidates and members have been contacted calling for their support."

"We will be supporting the demands of communities across Sydney who want the multi-billion-dollar privatised tollway scam that is WestConnex stopped and to oppose the new tolls that are being imposed on M4 users for the next 43 years."

"WestConnex is a scam to enrich the corporate mates of those government at the expense of communities, the environment and the liveability of this city. It will not 'future proof' Sydney's transport system but, instead, seriously set it back."

The government claims the entire WestConnex project will cost $16.8 billion to construct but independent analysis suggests the project is likely to cost closer to $45 billion.

As well as calling for an immediate halt to the government's planned privatisation auction of WestConnex, NoW: PT has been vocal in calling for a full judicial inquiry into the infrastructure project dubbed “Australia’s largest” but fast becoming the country’s biggest construction headache.



Location: Sydney Town Hall, George St

Date & Time: 10am-11am, Saturday, June 30 2018

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