No WestCONnex: Demands for Labor

No WestConnex: Public Transport is committed to the cancellation of the WestCONnex toll road project and the promotion of efficient and sustainable transport solutions for Sydney. These include publicly owned public transport, active transport and rail freight.

It is clear that the NSW State Liberal National Coalition government has no interest in stopping WestConnex and will continue to extend toll tentacles north and south across Sydney. In order to stop and reverse the damage, we call upon the Labor opposition to make the following commitments:

  • Cancel the WestCONnex Stage 3 contracts
  • Guarantee that under no circumstances will the Western Harbour Tunnel, Beaches Link or F6 toll roads ever proceed under a Labor government
  • Retrofit any partially completed sections of WestCONnex with railways and/or electric buses
  • Remove the tolls immediately from the widened M4
  • Implement an action plan to bring Sydney's air quality to within national standards and install filtration on all existing Sydney motorway tunnels
  • Compensate all homeowners fully for any structural damage caused by WestCONnex construction, with the onus on the contractor to prove that they did not cause any damage
  • Hold a Royal Commission into transport infrastructure planning, funding and delivery
  • Repeal the State Significant Infrastructure provisions of the EP&A Act introduced in 2011
  • Get shipping containers off Sydney’s roads by railing them to inland depots to the maximum possible extent.