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The westCONnex tollway is already costing tax payers $5,300,000,000. We should NOT have to pay $6 tolls on the M4 as well ($70/week or $3500/year) for a road that already exists. We demand that the M4 should
not become a tollway!


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  • Bradley Austin
    Tolls on other roads already generate enough capital to cover the westconnex upgrade don’t force the current and future generations to pay a toll for a road that has existed so long and all current roads that have been around for 20 or more years should be toll free aswell.
  • teenz tully
  • Shaun Williams
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Shaun Williams
  • Laura Coleman
  • Troy Solomon
  • Jesse Grant
  • gage harrison
  • David Pardy
  • Bruce Annabel
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Kirrily Buckett
  • Simon Poole
  • Paul G
    Go jam this fucking toll up your arse
  • Daniel Jones
  • Re Chyuan Lim
  • Tahseen Khan
  • Dean Andreopoulos
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Dean Andreopoulos
  • Leisa Hottelmann
  • Marilyn Riedy
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Musa Kirkpinar
  • Sandra Wallace
    You Mr Baird in company with your friends from Westconnex are killing this amazingly beautiful city! Shame on you and your cronies
  • gareth davies
    Sydney under attack from ridiculous levels of population increase required to fuel frenzied construction of hideous buildings and hideous 1950’s brutalist roads. Birmingham had to be bombed by the Luftwaffe before the monstrous motorways were built, Baird seeks them out. Construction bust ahead.
  • Leonie Dean
  • Peter Mason
  • Ben Twig
    Stop ripping off taxpayers and put in a better public transport system.
  • Carolyn Brady
    M4 Should not have tolls . It is bad enough that that the West Connex is proceeding without putting more costs onto the motorist. Motorists will use congested back roads to avoid toll putting a strain on local roads
  • James Hayes
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • James Hayes
  • Ann Brady