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The westCONnex tollway is already costing tax payers $5,300,000,000. We should NOT have to pay $6 tolls on the M4 as well ($70/week or $3500/year) for a road that already exists. We demand that the M4 should
not become a tollway!


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  • Ben Hopkinson
  • Rachel Colbourne-Hoffman
  • Geoff Hegarty
    The concept of WestConnex is rooted in the mid-20th century. Cancel it now!
  • Nyssa Miller
  • Michelle Nash
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Michelle Nash
  • Stephen Wootten
    Light rail! Bicycles!
  • Lisa Thorne
  • Melitza Liu
  • Tom Museth
  • Parkes Neville
    We have already payed for it 😡😡😡
  • Jesica Trognot
    It’s ridiculous congestion of traffic big time coming. Specially on the James ruse drive it’s already bad enough now. This is only going to make it worse
  • Jake Newman
    Sign the petition: No M4 Toll
  • Nigel Martin
    The cost of putting a car on the road is outrageous already, without another fee slapped on top. How about reducing MPs wages and pensions to pay for it? Disgusting.
  • Voren O'Brien
  • Michaela Brazel
  • Andrew Chuter
    No new tolls on existing free roads!
  • Shaun Murray