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We, the undersigned, demand that the NSW Department of Planning reject the EIS for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link and refuse approval of the Project on the basis of the following fundamental deficiencies:

  1. The referral to ICAC of the circumstances of the 2012 lease extension of 7 Darley Rd, Leichhardt calls into question the acquisition of this site for construction of the M4-M5 Link and any related payment of compensation. Whilst this matter is before ICAC and until any investigation is complete and ICAC has released its findings, the Dept of Planning cannot sanction the use of the Darley St site as a major construction site for this project. 
  2. The underground Rozelle Interchange failed to attract any suitable Expression of Interest to design and construct, and the procurement process for this part of Stage 3 has been returned to RMS for management. The feasibility of building a multi-level underground interchange has been publicly questioned, there are no examples of such a construction in the world, and there are no applicable standards for constructing this interchange as proposed. The EIS is based on an underground interchange. The EIS and the Project cannot be approved until the ability to build the Interchange as set out in the EIS has been confirmed. The EIS as it stands, and the Project, cannot be approved without the Darley St construction site and the Rozelle interchange.
  3. If the Rozelle underground interchange has to be removed or postponed from stage 3 of the project, the traffic modelling of the whole project presented in the EIS would need to be reviewed. In addition the Inner West Council’s research shows that the WestConnex project will generate large increases in traffic on roads in the Inner West. Such traffic modelling should have been included in the EIS. Stage 3 cannot be approved until this and other inadequacies in the traffic modelling are reconsidered. 
  4. The EIS for stage 3 breaches undertakings given to the residents of Haberfield and Ashfield in the M4 East approval that they would not endure any more above-ground construction sites for future projects, and construction work would end by 2018. Now the EIS for stage 3 includes new above-ground construction sites and they will suffer cumulative impacts from extra years of overlapping and consecutive construction in the rush to deliver stage 3 of the project. It would be unconscionable for Planning to approve such a breach of promise that was frequently made by the Sydney Motorway Corporation to Haberfield residents.

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  • Sign the petition: Reject WestCONnex Stage 3 EIS
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