Blog: WestCONnex poised to destroy Euston Road

You might remember a few weeks back I did a post on the plight of the residents of Euston Rd Alexandria. A seven lane highway will be built just 1.8 metres from this block of apartments.

That post was about an afternoon wrapping the trees threatened by WestCONnex. Since then fences have enclosed the trees and we hear they will be destroyed on Wednesday the 26th from 7am……

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Speeches by Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain, Cr Jess Miller and local resident Paul Davies. MC'd by Rhea Liebmann from Westconnex Action Group, watch the video.


Local residents gather on Euston Rd next to the site where a 7 lane highway is due to pass within 1.8 meters of people's homes


Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore


Rhea Liebmann from Westconnex Action Group