Project Update: WestConnex Rozelle - it can be stopped!

Don’t believe the hype – Stage 3 of WestConnex, which includes the proposed Rozelle extension, has yet to be approved and it can be stopped!

If you listened only to the PR spin coming from the NSW Baird Government and their toll road construction arm,Sydney Motorway Corporation, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Rozelle WestConnex extension has already been approved.

This isn’t the case. There is not currently any funding for the proposed Rozelle section of WestConnex.  Funding is to come from the reintroduction of tolls on the M4, and the proposed sale of stages 1 & 2 of the disastrous project. Western Sydney motorists and MPs are already starting to realise just how much WestConnex tolls will cost each week  and are rising up against it.

Costing for WestConnex has already blown out from $10 to $17 billion with a recent report showing this may increase to $20 billion.

Sydney Motorway Corporation and the RMS have  recently admitted to at least two toxic exhaust stacks to be constructed in Rozelle for WestConnex.  This is combined with further polluting emissions from an undisclosed number of tunnel entry and exit points and motorists taking rat runs to avoid tolls.

Heritage and communities have already been destroyed in Haberfield, St Peters and dozens of homes are set for destruction in Rozelle. Don’t let this happen.  Get involved in the campaign and help put a stop to this madness.

Only integrated public transport can solve Sydney’s long term transport needs.

The experts all agree that WestConnex just won’t work.

Click here to get involved in the growing community campaign to stop WestConnex!