Stop the Tolls

Independent polling conducted by ReachTel and commissioned by No WestConnex: Public Transport in Western Sydney shows a massive 62% will avoid using the WestConnex tollway if it is built. 

The polling showed that awareness of WestConnex is high with over 90% of those surveyed saying that they were aware of the project but when asked where they would prefer the 16.8 billion dollars for WestConnex was spent, over 64% said they would prefer to see this money spent on public transport projects.

Commuters from Western Sydney are going to be paying for WestConnex for decades to come. On top of new tolls for WestConnex, the previously untolled M4 will have tolls added to it to pay for WestConnex.

No WestConnex: Public Transport has an outreach group which regularly travels to different areas in Western Sydney to speak to communities about the impact the tolls will have on their lives. If you are interested in joining this outreach group contact us

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  • Alana West