Explainer - what is WestCONnex Stage 3?

WestCONnex has been deliberately planned in stages not only to mask the cumulative impacts, but also to create the impression that each successive stage is necessary to 'link' the project together. As such, Stage 3 is an $8 billion road from the M4 at Haberfield to the M5 at St Peters, with the virtually unbuildable Rozelle interchange tacked on. The government is hoping to create the illusion that this will 'keep the traffic underground'. But if this were the case then WestCONnex would merely act as a giant u-turn.

The reality is that Stage 3 is a western bypass of the CBD, whose purpose is to allow north shore drivers to get a bit closer to the airport before they reach the next bottleneck. The shameful thing is that regardless of whether western Sydney drivers use it, this most expensive stage of WestCONnex is being paid for by forcing them to pay new tolls on previously free public roads.

You can learn more about WestCONnex Stage 3 in this talk by Terry Lee-Williams, the City of Sydney’s Chief Transport Advisor.

We hope this graphic captures some of the absurdity of the entire scheme.